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Complaints Procedure

Online Shop Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Procedure

Objectives has a positive attitude to receiving comments, suggestions or complaints from people. We wish to offer people an explanation for any concern they have and use feedback constructively to improve the services provided by the The complaints and comments procedure aims to:

  • Provide the fullest possible opportunity for investigation and resolution of a complaint that satisfies the person while being scrupulously fair to staff;
  • Ensure prompt response and quick resolution of complaints;
  • Focus on making improvements in service delivery in response to suggestions, compliments and complaints rather than focusing on accountability.

Roles and responsibilities

All staff will be prepared to receive complaints and comments from customers to assist with investigating complaints. In addition we designate a Complaints Manager on a daily basis, who has overall responsibility for dealing with complaints.

Timescale for resolving a complaint

The business will in normal circumstances investigate and respond to a complaint within 25 working days.

Receiving a verbal complaint

Staff will seek to listen to the customer’s concerns and if they are able, resolve them immediately. Staff will seek to understand the nature of the complaint and any aspects that are not immediately obvious. Complainants will be encouraged to speak openly and freely about their concerns. Staff will listen and accept the complaint. Staff will write a note of the person’s complaint and will ask the person to confirm that the note is accurate at the end of the discussion.

Staff will tell the complainant who will be responsible for dealing with the complaint, aims to investigate and respond within 25 working days. Staff will pass the complaint to the complaints manager to deal with as soon as practicable.

Telephone number: 020 7 638 0067

Receiving letters of complaint

These will be passed to the complaints manager. If the complainant is not the patient, the complaints manager will consider whether it is appropriate to require the consent of the patient in order to investigate the complaint.


Acknowledging a complaint

When a complaint is received orally or in writing, the complaints manager will send an acknowledgement within two working days. The complainant will be advised of how long it will take to investigate and respond. This will normally be within 25 working days. If it takes longer, the patient will be kept informed of progress.

Investigating a complaint

The complaints manager will oversee the investigation of a complaint. The complaints manager will make all necessary inquiries such as interviews with the complainant and members of staff. The complaints manager will keep notes of all these interviews using a complaint interview form.

Resolving a complaint

We will offer an apology, if appropriate and aim to give the complainant a full explanation. If appropriate the complainant will be invited to our physical premises to discuss the complaint.

At the end of the process, we will write to the complainant providing an explanation and offering an apology, if appropriate.

If a complainant cannot be satisfied, we will try to identify why and try to find ways to resolve the complaint.

Time limits for the online store accepting complaints

We will investigate complaints made within 6 months of the date on which the matter which is the subject of the complaint occurred, or within six months of the date on which the matter which is the subject of the complaint came to the notice of the complainant. In the event of a complaint being received ‘out of work hours’ the complaints manager will decide whether it is still possible to investigate thoroughly. If the decision is made that a complaint will not be investigated because it is out of time the complaints manager will write to the complainant informing them of this and explaining why the decision has been made.

Complaints and discipline

The complaints procedure is about giving explanations and making improvements. If as a result of a complaint it is necessary to discipline a member of staff, the disciplinary procedure will be used.

Monitoring complaints

The complaints manager will be responsible for helping the business to make constructive use of feedback from comments and complaints. There will be a log of complaints as well as make use of feedback from comments and complaints to improve services.


As an online store we will encourage complaints, comments and suggestions from all of our customers, so we can constantly attempt to improve the services we offer. Complaints must be looked upon as an opportunity for improving our services and ultimately securing the future of our business. Complaints should be dealt with in a non-confrontational manner and we should not feel threatened by them. All complaints will be dealt with in a manner that maintains confidentiality for those involved. Only those people within the business, who need to know, will learn of the complaint.