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Anti Ageing and Mature Skin

Anti Ageing and Mature Skin

Skin ageing and its associated skin concerns is primarily due to 2 factors affecting all skin types:

  • A slowing down in skin cell metabolism 
  • Damage to the support tissues by free radicals.

The different stages of ageing

Between 25 and 45-50 years old, the skin becomes progressively thinner, more fragile and less glowing. Expression lines around the eyes and corners of the mouth appear and increase progressively.

After 45-50 years old, wrinkles become deeper and form deep lines. The ageing, sensitive skin loses its firmness, the oval of the face is less regular, the neck is less toned and the complexion becomes dull.

Ageing: Scientific Explanation

The epidermis (uppermost layer of your skin) is mainly made of keratinocytes (80%). These cells play an essential role - it is their metabolic activity that will be responsible for the quality and the youthfulness of your skin. They guarantee daily epidermal renewal which takes place every 21 days, however in a mature skin this may take up to 40 days.


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